How to maintain the folding tent?

2018-03-31 09:27:31 229

1. Read the supporting method carefully and then install it to avoid improper installation affecting the use effect.

2. Avoid sharps scratching the tent, affecting the use of effects;

3. After the tent is used, all spare parts should be collected for reuse;

4. The weight bearing on each bracket must not exceed 100kg

5. The handling process should be as light as possible, and the outer package should be prevented from being damaged so as to avoid losing parts;

6. If using electrical appliances in the tent, please pay attention to the good insulation of the wire and iron bracket, otherwise there will be danger of electric shock;

7. Before you set up a tent, you must carefully survey the terrain. There should be no rolling stones, rolling logs and weathered rocks above the camp.

8. Do not set up tents near the river bank and dry riverbed during the rainy season;

9. To prevent lightning strikes, do not set up the tent on the top of a hill or in the open field.

10. When installing in mud or sand, ditches can be dug around to ensure the ground in the canopy is dry;

11. The materials used in the tent are not fire-retardant materials. If you need to do something in the tent, be sure to keep the flame away from the tarpaulin or use a fire board to separate the flames. Do not leave the tent when you are in trouble. Prepare fire extinguishing plans and install an exhaust fan. Fumes

12. When you know that the local wind power exceeds class 8 or above, please remove the tent in advance.

13.Before the cotton tent is stored, it is necessary to dry the tarpaulin. When it is dry, it should be folded and stored again. If it is too late to dry the tarpaulin, remember that it must not be stored for a long time to avoid coloring and mildew.

14. According to the local humidity and climate conditions, the tarpaulin should be regularly hung so as not to breed bacteria, so that the rain-proof coating of the tent will be destroyed.